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Hail Damage Repair Tampa

Hail Damage Repair Tampa


It’s never a good thing getting caught in a hail storm but the worst part of it is often what it can do to your car. You wouldn’t think that little falling chunks of ice could do much damage to your vehicle’s metal body. However, many people have been left with a car that looks like it has been hit by dozens of golf balls leaving your car with some nice dents. Auto hail damage repair has changed a lot over the years and can be done in most cases without the need for repainting your car.

Previously, the only way to remove dents and dings from an auto body was by drilling holes into it and pulling them out. Then they would have to place filler inside the holes and smooth them out. This old method is still used by body shops and is very costly. Now day there are special tools used by trained technicians that remove the dents without a single hole drilled and without the need for painting

Using these special tools and techniques to pull the metal back into shape is called paintless dent removal or “PDR”. This is performed in much less time and for a fraction of the cost of traditional body shop repairs. The best part of it is there’s no need to paint keeping the original manufacturer paint job intact. This makes PDR the perfect choice for hail damage repair.

Paintless Dent Repair was originally developed the Mercedes-Benz car Company in Germany. The technique was specifically designed to fix a was the problem they kept having when shipping their cars to the various dealers. During the shipment, many cars would arrive with small dents and dings in them.

Paintless dent removal is done by using rods to push the dent out from the inside while gently tapping the outside with a hammer.

PDR to used to repair hail damage on your car is a great way to save money while keeping your original manufacturer paint job. Just be sure that the repair company that you choose is reputable and has done many repairs.

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